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Get to 130% MRR retention with Customer Success Software
AI powered Customer Success Software to Onboard, Retain, Upsell & drive MRR Growth for B2B SaaS.

Trusted by Customer Success teams
Billions of events logged. 250,000+ Accounts and 1 million+ Users monitored Daily!

Hit your Net Retention Rate (NRR) target every quarter.
Acting when it’s already too late? Don’t know which account to focus? Few CSMs succeed while most miss?

Only 10% of SaaS business ever get past 125% NRR rate. Be in that 10%

How Customer Success technology helps
Teams powered by CustomerSuccessBox rely on leading indicators and know what actions to take proactively. They act on the right account at the right time, reducing missed opportunities.

Takes the guess work out. Put your SaaS on a predictable path to 125% MRR Retention.

#1 Customer Success Software

Retain customers with multi-dimension Real time Account Health. Not averages.
Get ahead of churn with segment specific Real-time Account Health. Don’t let averages mislead you. Track health across all dimensions i.e Product adoption, Relationship, Service and financial dimensions.

Know everything, while watching nothing, with our AI powered automatic anomaly detection. Never let churn surprise you with proactive Risk Alerts.