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The ultimate data source on your market and your competitors.

Reliable and privacy-first. Foxintelligence measures e-commerce’s activity. Nothing is guessed, everything is based on actual transactions. Get access to reliable insights.

Get access to reliable and actionable data:

Market Shares
Monitor precisely your market’s dynamics and the weight of each competitor (overall, per category, per region…)

Best Sellers
Get access to the frequently-updated list of best selling products and best selling brands in each category.

Slice each KPI by customer groups and understand the market’s dynamics by users’ gender, age, location…

Category Mix
Understand the contribution of each category and sub-category to any revenue figure and design the best category mix.

Pricing & Promotions
Build the best pricing and discount strategy for your products for each category, customer segment, brand and time of year.

Enhance your sourcing and category management with the best marketplace/retail mix. Get access to the best performing sellers.