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Map Your Meetings
Find what’s important in video meetings fast. Gistify uses artificial intelligence to help you get the most out of your recordings.

With Gistify, you get the Gist and skip the rest.
Using patent-pending technologies, the Gistify service allows you to transform your audio and video into a new, visual experience, creating an interactive tool that saves you time. Take advantage of your recorded meetings and let us take the notes so you can be more present.

Simply scroll, click, or even search to find what you need in seconds.

Start Scrolling
This powerful visualization acts as a “rolling abstract” of relevant words eliminating the need to always listen to or view the underlying media. Scroll through the time ordered visual to find what you are looking for.

Hover and Click
Hover over an A.I. keyword to see its context. Or click on one to be taken back to that exact moment it was said.

Search For Those Moments
Know exactly what you missed? Search identifies every time a word is mentioned in a meeting and lets you quickly find the points you missed. For example, “information” was said 3 times in this meeting.