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Free email warm-up tool for Gmail: Increase Your Email Deliverability Quickly and Easily

You can now warm-up any Gmail or G Suite email address for free. Email warm-up has been a hot topic in the cold email community recently. One major frustration to creating a new email address, is warming up your email so that your emails do not get sent to the recipient’s spam folder. Attempting to do so on your own without a proficient tool, can be challenging, especially if you want to start using the Gmail send limits sooner than later. When a new employee joins your team in an outreach capacity, utilizing an email warm-up tool will help increase their deliverability more easily and quickly.

Warming up a new e-mail address, and especially a new domain, is important in order to:

Be able to send your full limits, based on Google’s policy of 500/day for Gmail accounts and 2,000/day for Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) accounts.
To get the best possible deliverability to the Inbox.
Minimize the chance that Google suspends your email account, especially if you have a new Gmail account or new Google Workspace domain with no sending history.
An automated email warm-up system does the following:

sends emails from your account to other email accounts and vice-versa
examines where those emails land, marks them as “not spam” if they end up in Spam
marks them as “read”, and replies to them as well
marks emails as “Important” in some cases
Warm-up works by training Google’s algorithms to see that emails coming from your email account are desirable and highly engaging.