Marin Search Marketer


Marin Search Marketer is an ad management platform aimed at marketers and businesses looking to gain a competitive edge. This tool unveils cutting-edge data analytics providing insight into key figures involving third-party signals, conversion rates, CRM, and more. Find a way to pierce through the most difficult niches by figuring out what others are doing and how they’re leverage this knowledge into a consistent stream of sales. With this unique platform, it’s possible to build a strong marketing foundation while optimizing bids, analyzing new data sets, and recognizing what works best. This is a powerful tool marketers can deploy to increase overall efficiency.

MarinOne is an SEO Tool for digital marketers. It has already helped thousands of digital advertisers manage over $40 billion in eCommerce, search, and social ad spends with its three principles for growth; Integrate, Align, and Optimize.
The SEO experts behind MarinOne understand the challenges digital marketers face today. Competition between Google, Amazon, and Facebook is fierce, and as a result, it is difficult to achieve results across all three channels. With MarinOne, you will learn to integrate your data, align your ad campaigns, and optimize your advertising portfolio to drive performance and get better results.

MarinOne is the answer to the challenges facing today’s digital marketer. By bringing search, social, and eCommerce advertising into a single platform, MarinOne helps advertisers maximize the results of their digital campaigns by giving them a single view of the customer.

As fierce competitors, Google, Facebook, and Amazon are never going to help you make your advertising work effectively across channels.

To stand out, advertisers need a platform that can help them:
The most powerful weapon a performance marketer can use is their own data. MarinOne is designed to take full advantage of all available data—including your CRM, data warehouse, and publisher data, and third-party signals.

MarinOne aligns your ad campaigns across multiple publishers, helping you get the spend mix right while analyzing each channel’s influence on one another. It’s one of the most effective differentiators for the modern performance marketer.


MarinOne supplements publisher tools by amplifying campaigns to drive performance. The results are additional volume, and superior performance—compared to the limitations you encounter while using single-channel publisher tools alone.