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Content analytics made easy gives creators, marketers and developers the tools to understand content performance, prove content value, and deliver tailored content experiences that drive meaningful results.

Act on immediate insights or historical analysis
Use real-time data to keep a pulse on your current readership. Leverage historical analysis to get a clear picture of what happened in the past and use it to plan for the future.

See the whole picture
With over 30 unique attention metrics, subscriber tracking, and segmentation at your disposal, gives you everything you need. Stop worrying about whether you’re tracking the right things, and focus on acting instead of analyzing.

Combine your metrics with audience segmentation
“The ability to break things down by region—especially when cross-referenced against’s range of metrics like users, engaged time, social referrals and interactions—is priceless,” said Adam Blenford, Managing Editor of Digital in Europe at Bloomberg.

Track your products in one place
Get the complete overview of where your audience is coming from (including web, iOS, Android, AMP, Facebook Instant, Tweets, and Apple News) and what content they’re engaging with (whether it’s text, audio, or video).