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We Are
A team of restless

We build incredibly advanced codeless AI infrastructure to help brands grow exponentially. Strengthened with over 4 dozen (and growing) contextual and self-evolving proprietary AI models, the infrastructure forms the very heart of our products.

Our only focus is to help marketers leverage AI without them having to write a single line of code.

How we started
With one successful venture under our belt, and a strong drive to build something bigger, we started Pixis in 2018. After studying how brands were communicating, and analyzing the speed at which they were growing, one thing struck us for certain – Artificial Intelligence could increase that speed multifold. All that was left to do was to build that technology.

Today, in just a span of 3 years, we built that technology and have over 90 global brands using it to fuel their growth. Here are the highlights of our journey so far.