Sitefinity CMS is a content management system that lets you create, manage, and store content on your web page. The pages & content in Sitefinity CMS is multilingual. In fact, you can make use of one Sitefinity CMS to manage multiple websites that could share content. The software has many components such as widgets and widget templates, web pages and page templates, content items, built-in and dynamic modules, and more. Sitefinity CMS also offers a number of additional services that help to build and use your website. Some of these features include the feeds module, internal search features, sitemap generator, recycle bin and more.

Sitefinity 12
Digital Experience Platform
Put marketers in control with Sitefinity.
It’s highly extensible, high-performing and easy to use.

Deliver Seamless, Personalized Experiences
Across the Business
Today’s customer demands high-touch, personalized experiences with rich, relevant content delivered instantly through the digital channels they choose. On top of those expectations, you need to tame technological complexity and cope with limited resources. Progress® Sitefinity® makes it easy for marketers and developers to deliver compelling, multichannel user experiences.

Be an IT Hero
Progress Sitefinity Cloud managed services provide state-of-the-art CI/CD process and tools, 99.9% service level availability and 24×7 support. All the benefits with none of the work will make you an IT hero.

Be a Marketing Maverick
A new modern content editor and page management UI, dynamic rule-based forms, and improved synchronization through SiteSync empowers marketers to deliver valuable, personalized content—quickly and easily.

Be a Development Wizard
Build complex, high-performing, responsive and scalable web sites using Sitefinity .ASP .NET CMS and MVC. Gain full control of your markup and keep your code organized, reusable and easy to test.

Be an Optimization Guru
Leverage Sitefinity’s unified marketing command center to understand and optimize each visitor’s journey and drive business growth.

Transform the Digital Experience
Empowering marketing with key capabilities reduces their day-to-day reliance on IT by 80%, while enabling developers to quickly deliver new sites and experiences.

Content Management
Build engaging digital experiences with intuitive content creation and management delivered to all the various touchpoints needed.

Identify valuable customer segments, tailor messaging to shape individual journeys and drive revenue.

Multichannel Management
Centrally manage your entire digital presence for consistent experiences across multiple touchpoints.

Digital Commerce
Delight customers during the purchase experience. Capture more revenue through integrated commerce solutions.