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The only Instagram scheduler you’ll need

Over 10,000 Instagram-first agencies and brands trust Sked Social to visually plan an attractive and cohesive feed, automatically publish posts of ALL types (for real), and analyze and learn from every post.

What makes us different? Instagram is our focus — not a feature
Automatically Publish Posts

With Sked Social, “auto-posting” actually means auto-posting — no more notifications to post at 6:42 PM on a Saturday.

Auto-Post Across Platforms

Instagram-first doesn’t mean Instagram-only. Auto-post to Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business and LinkedIn just as easily.

Tags and Hashtags

Schedule Instagram posts with product tags, hashtags, user tags, and location tags for more engagement and sales.

Visually Plan Your Feed

See what your Instagram feed will look like weeks and months before you post, then drag and drop to make it perfect.

Chrome Extension for UGC

Leverage buzz around your brand by scheduling user-generated content to auto-post whenever you want in a couple of clicks.

Social Media Analytics

Sked doesn’t limit how far in advance you can schedule or the number of posts. Our Instagram & Facebook analytics go back up to 2 years.