Testimonial videos are a great way to get your clients’ thoughts out about the products and services that you offer. With SocialJuice, it’s easy for them do share their experiences with others!

Collect and share testimonials.
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SocialJuice is a simple tool to collect video testimonials or textual testimonials from your clients. Share them on social media or embed them on your website.

All-in-one tool
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For enterpreneurs who want to boost credibility and conversion!
The opinion of other people matters when choosing a new product or service. That is why it’s important to collect and share honest genuine testimonials from your most loyal customers.

Social proof boosts conversion.
Reviews and testimonials are a determining factor in buying decisions. Look at restaurant ratings or amazon reviews.

Lowers returns and churn.
Testimonials help set expectations, which helps buyer confidence and results in less product returns and less churn.

Honesty and genuinity work.
People are less and less susceptible to ads. The impact of a genuine testimonial is so much bigger compared to a ‘buy my product’ promo.