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A New Approach
to LinkedIn Prospecting
With the most safe, advanced and affordable LinkedIn
outreach platform.

LinkedIn prospecting is not
about sending bulk invites.
Rules have changed.

Seven Campaigns Options
(1) Invite New Connections (2) Message 1st connections (3) Visit Profiles (4) Endorse Skills (5) Free InMails to Open Profiles (6) Message Group members (7) Auto Follow

Intuitive Smart Sequences
Set up one campaign that does it all from visiting a profile, liking a post, inviting to connect and then following the contact. All within one campaign.

Enhanced Safety
(1) Dedicated IP Address (2) Randomized delay between actions (3) cloud based (4) Limits detection and Safe Mode (4) Sleep Mode (5) Auto Withdraw (6) Automatic duplicate suppression (7) Blacklist contacts