7 Backlink Analysis Tools to Help Improve your Backlink Profile 

August 9, 2021

7 Backlink Analysis Tools to Help Improve your Backlink Profile 

Do you want your website to be more visible when you search on Google? Of course you do, which is why it’s good to create a strong backlink profile. 

Having a strong backlink profile involves using backlinks. Backlinks are strategically placed links to guide someone from one website to another.  

When your website content is linked to more established sites Google is more likely to trust your site and rank it higher. This is why you should not only add links on your own site but also strive to get your website recommended on reputable sites. 

Ultimately having backlinks can be key to increasing traffic to your site, which in turn can lead to more sales. Below we’ve listed 7 of our favorite backlink analysis tools to help strengthen your backlink profile. 

Backlink Analysis Tools

  1. SemRush 

SemRush can help you increase your company’s online visibility on all key channels from their well-built platform. 

The tool can tell you what backlinks your competitors are using. It also evaluates the links on your own site, notifying you of any lost links, evaluating your backlink profile and giving you a rundown of all the relevant link building opportunities. You’ll also be able to discover if there are any websites who are interested in referring to your content.  

SemRush is also great for getting data on the overall health of your site. It gives you the information you need to be able to continually keep updating and improving your sites backlinks so that you are able to keep up with your competitors. 

Price ranges from $99.95. 


  1. Serpstat


Serpstat is an award-winning SEO platform for backlink analysis, site audit, rank tracker, competitor analysis, content marketing and more. 

Like SemRush, Serpstat not only gives you a complete list of your own backlink information as well as your competitors but it also helps you identify the pages which attract the most backlinks. 

Serpstat also gives you an in-depth analysis of your own link building campaign, so that you can audit and get rid of any bad links. 

Serpstat delivers all that data in a timely manner and on a bright, clean interface. 

Prices range from $69. 


  1. Link- Assistant 

Link – Assistant is an all-in -one toolkit for backlinks, rankings and reports. 

The tool gives you a breakdown of your backlinks and tells you which get you the most traffic. It also lets you know how your backlink profile has changed overtime and helps with competitive analysis and web monitoring.

If you want a tool that will help you build backlinks and improve your ranking on Google this is the tool for you. 

Price ranges from $259. 


  1. Ahrefs 

Ahrefs is a platform catered to bring you comprehensive SEO and backlink analysis. 

The tool analyses your competitor’s search traffic, so you will be able to see what keywords and backlinks your competitors are using to attract customers – so you can then use them on your own site. 

The tool also provides you with ideas on how to outrank your competitors and helps you with web monitoring so you can keep up with your ranking progress. 

Ahrefs is functional, affordable and is bound to solve any link building issues you have; so you can increase your website’s visibility and gain more customers. 

They also offer one of the very best Backlink Analysis Tools for Free

Price ranges from $99.

To discover more Backlink Analysis Tools, please explore further

  1. Authoritas – Analytics SEO

Authoritas- Analytics SEO  is a software tool that helps users increase traffic and revenue through applied data, and by uncovering search market opportunities. 

The tool provides a huge database of the top backlinks and gives you the ability to analyse your own backlinks. This will help you understand which of your backlinks might be low influence or causing damage to your site’s online reputation. 

It also gives you insight into your competitor’s backlinks and helps you track their progress and successes. 

All the data the tool provides is delivered in easy-to-read graphs; so that you will be able to take the necessary steps to improve your backlink strategy. 

Prices range from $269. 


  1. Majestic 

Majestic offers you a mine of data at the tip of your fingertips. 

With Majestic you’ll be able to get backlink data on all your competitors. The more backlinks you have connecting you to reputable sites the higher you will rank on search engines; this is why it is important to find good partners to link to your site. Majestic can give you good options for partners, as it is able to identify your competitors and their backlinks. 

Majestic also offers the additional benefits of:

  • Being able to check out every site’s top backlinks to help improve discoverability.
  • Discover link opportunities by looking at your competitor websites.
  • It’s Backlink History Tool helps you determine the number of backlinks to a domain. 

Prices range from $49. 


  1. Raven Tools 

Raven Tools  is a very popular all-in-one SEO platform and digital marketing reporting tool. 

Like many of the tools we’ve spoken about in this article, Raven also helps you keep track of your competitors’ backlinks. Their link discovery tool is also great at helping you manage and discover new backlinks so you can improve your ranking on Google. 

Raven is a very affordable solution for ranking, backlink building and overall complete tool to help meet your SEO needs. 

Prices range from $49. 


  1. SEO Crawler 

SEO Crawler is a great backlink and rank analysis tool.  

Its Backlink Explore feature was built to track your backlink profile in real time. It helps you find new backlinks, keeps track of them and gives you information on what resources are referencing to your own website.

The great thing about SEO Crawler is that it was made for all businesses, which means you don’t have to find a new SEO tool when you scale up your business.  

Price varies.