Serp Stat


Serp Stat is a growth hacking tool for SEO, PPC as well as content marketing. In short, it is an all-in-one SEO platform that packages more than 20 tools in an all-encompassing platform. The real value lies in its databases. It provides more than 230 Google databases along with plenty of Yandex databases. They have data on more than 900 million domains and close to 900 million keywords in organic search results.

Use this tool for keyword research, search analytics, rank tracking, competitor research, marketing intelligence, on page SEO, PPC analysis, backlink analysis, content marketing or any other thing you could think of. They have rapidly expanded their database size and are one of the fastest growing SEO tools in the market. And to top it all, you get all this data at really competitive pricing.

The growth hacking tool for Search Analytics
All-in-One SEO platform for professionals
Website analysis Always One Click Away With the Serpstat Plugin
Don’t look for the required report too long anymore. Find out all information about every domain with one click using the Serpstat plugin.

Explore Our Features
Benefit from your competitor’s experience in attracting leads through organic and paid search, track your main competitors and improve your content, as well as your SEO and PPC efforts.

Keyword Research
Supplement your website’s content and ads with top-performing keywords and expand your online presence

Collect keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns
Get a list of proven and profitable keywords that your competitors and niche leaders use to make it to the top positions in search results.

Determine the value of keywords
Compare your keywords to different performance indicators, such as search volume, cost-per-click, competition level or number of search results.

Find keyword variations and search suggestions to expand your semantic core
The combined impact of creating high-quality, relevant content and using the appropriate keywords will bump your domain and its particular pages to the top positions in search. Enrich your web content with tested keyword variations to successfully optimize your pages.

Get long-tail keywords
Don’t miss traffic that you may get from low-volume search queries related to your product or services. Tons of potential customers query low-volume keywords. These keywords are called long-tail keywords, and they drive a significant amount of traffic on the Web.

Discover international data at no additional cost
Adapt keywords to target countries. Keyword research is available in all major languages spoken in the countries included in our database.

Check your webpages’ relevance
Determine which pages are most relevant to specific search queries. Measure a page’s relevance compared to competing pages. Discover missing keywords you might want to add to your page.

Analyze keyword trends
Get a better view of any keyword’s popularity. An easy-to-understand graph shows how users’ interest in a keyword has been fluctuating over the last year. Plan your ad campaigns according to seasonality and trends.

Find out what pages are showing up in search results for a keyword
Serpstat shows a full list of search results for a keyword along with additional data such as: organic keywords, the number of Facebook shares, and the potential traffic score for each individual page.