10 Facebook Marketing Tools to Help You Improve Your Facebook Marketing Strategy 

August 4, 2021

Facebook Marketing Tools

10 tools to help you improve your Facebook marketing strategy 


Facebook has over 2.8 billion monthly active users worldwide, 1.84 billion of those users visit Facebook daily. That’s a lot of potential customers in one place, which is why Facebook is the perfect place to market your Shopify, Amazon or other eCommerce store.

Below we’ve listed 10 Facebook marketing tools that will help you; streamline your marketing campaigns, improve the quality of your Facebook ad’s and also help increase the visibility of those ad’s – so that you are able to improve your Facebook marketing strategy and boost business.


  1. Buffer

First on our list is Buffer Analyze. Buffer is a tool that helps you measure and analyze the performance of your Facebook content.

If you want to run an ad on Facebook you might want to download Buffer Analyze as it can tell you; how many people have seen your post, how many people have engaged with it and whether you’re reaching your target audience. Buffer also lets you know the best time of day to post and how often you should be posting to drive up your engagement.

Buffer is a great time- saving tool that is ideal for small businesses. It has a very simple, clean layout that is very easy to use.

Price ranges from $35 per month (free trial available)


  1.   AdEspresso

AdEspresso helps you create, manage and optimize your Facebook ad campaigns directly on their site, so you can run profitable ad’s.

The tool offers you the ability to test all your ad’s, dissect them and then duplicate the successful parts of your ad’s to combine them into one really  engaging advert. This tool not only tells you what works and what doesn’t but can also teach you to create better ad’s through their ‘grow your ad’s skills’ feature- so if you are inexperienced in creating ad’s for your business this feature will be invaluable.

Another great feature of AdEspresso is that it gives you the ability to collaborate with your marketing team, so you are able to confer and delegate with colleagues and clients with ease.

AdEspresso’s reports are delivered in an easy to read, organized and professional looking manner.

Price ranges from $58 (free trial available)


  1. AdSpy

AdSpy is the largest searchable database of Facebook ad’s in the world.

With AdSpy you can see old trends in adverts and products- to see what has been advertised before but also how it has been advertised. It can be very profitable to know what type of advertising has worked in the past but also whether it is the right time to start re-selling a product that has had a lot of commercial success in the past.

Adspy operates on the basis that knowledge is power -to this end the tool offers you a lot of data. You will not only gain insight into trends but you will also be given the ability to conduct comparative research on your competitors advertising campaigns.

One of AdSpy’s greatest strengths is the fact that it has a rapid interface, which means you will get the results of your searches in seconds.

Prices vary. 

  1. Boom Social  

Boom Social is a free media analytics and measurement platform that gives you data on your Facebook account (or any other social media), to show you how your social media account matches up to your competitors.

In that way Boom Social is designed to provide wider insight for brands and to help them improve their online content strategies. Boom Social is particularly great for large businesses but if you have a small Shopify store and you are marketing on Facebook it won’t hurt to utilize this free resource.


  1. eClincher  

The next tool on our list is eClincher. EClincher is ranked as one of the top social media management platforms in the industry. It is perfect for all businesses, brands and agencies.

The tool helps you post ad’s automatically on Facebook with its auto-post feature, keeps things streamlined by allowing you to manage clients with individual dashboards but also offers you a huge selection of images and videos from their varied library- so you can make engaging Facebook content to attract your customers.

Another great feature eClincher offers is the ability to find and connect with the right social media influencers to promote your product on their social media platforms.

On the whole I would say eClincher is definitely good value for money.

Prices range from $59 (free trial available)

  1. Radarly

Are you interested in getting a thorough more detailed picture of what your potential customers are thinking?

Radarly could be just the tool for you. Radarly is a marketing tool that focuses on listening to customer feedback.

The tool hones in on social media platforms, like Facebook and gives you a breakdown of what matters to people, so you are able to create purpose driven content that appeals to your customers.

Prices vary.  

  1. SemRush

Semrush is an all-in- one marketing tool that allows you to perform keyword research; to monitor the keyword strategy of your main competitors.

Semrush also allows you to connect with your Facebook account so you can post, schedule and analyze your social media content. Semrush aims to grow the visibility of your ad’s not only on social media but on the wider web.

Semrush is great for those who sell niche products, those who have blogs and also content creators.

Prices range from $99.95 (free trial available)


  1. Sendible 

Sendible is another social media scheduling tool you can use in conjunction with Facebook. The difference with Sendible is the number of social media sites you can connect to from their dashboard. You can work with Instagram, Yelp, Youtube and a whole host of other sites.

When it comes to using Sendible to market on Facebook, Sendible makes the whole process as smooth as possible. From their site you can upload, like and engage with customers. Sendible also has a really great content suggestion feature which gives you ideas based on your previous content.

Another upside to Sendible is that it comes highly recommended, the user interface is very easy to use and it’s very affordable for what is on offer.

Prices range from $90 (free trial available).


  1. Hunch  

Hunch is a creative media and production platform.

This means that Hunch can help create engaging, stunning and onbrand video and image ad’s for your Facebook business page. You can also customize your own Facebook page by using their selection of impressive video and image libraries so your business can stand out.

As your Facebook page becomes more engaging, you’ll have an easier time getting customers interested in your business.

Prices vary.  

  1. Publicfast

Want your products or business to be promoted by a social media influencer? This is where our next tool Publicfast comes in. Publicfast helps you connect and collaborate with popular influencers across social media platforms, so that you can grow your brand’s awareness.

The tool boasts of having thousands of influencers on its books. They are organized into categories from beauty, lifestyle, travel etc. So you can get a popular, well known influencer to make a video recommending your product or business to their own social media audience. You can also put that video on your own Facebook business page to attract potential customers.

Prices range from $69 (free trial available)