Marketing Funnel Tools – 7 Tools that can Improve your Marketing Funnel 

August 5, 2021

Marketing Funnel Tools – 7 Tools that can Improve your Marketing Funnel 


A marketing funnel is a system that helps you map out the entire customer journey from point A to B. It is useful to visualize your customers’ entire experience- from the moment they click on your ad, enter your site, browse your site and to the final moment they input their payment details. 

Of course, we know that not all potential customers who go into the funnel convert but if you are looking to increase sales it is important to recognize any barriers that keep them from doing so. 

This is where the tools we’ve listed below come in. These tools not only help you create an effective sales funnel but also give you information to help you improve your existing funnel, so you can generate leads and increase sales.



  • Hotjar 


Hotjar provides you with live recordings of shoppers sessions so you can see; how shoppers interact with your site, what items they look at and whether they come across any site obstacles. With this information you can fix where shoppers get stuck and brainstorm ideas to improve conversion. 

Hotjar also gives your visitors a great way to provide feedback, when you enable their survey feature on your site. Users can leave feedback anonymously or by leaving their email information. 

Hotjar is great for small up-and- coming businesses as you can use their basic platform completely free of charge.  




  • Mixpanel 

Mixpanel is dedicated to helping improve user experience by providing you with business analytics. It will give you data on how people use your product, why they convert and how you can retain customers. 

All this information is presented by Mixpanel in easy-to-read graphs, reports and alerts- so you will have the insight you need to make smarter decisions about how to increase conversion.


Mixpanel is great for medium to large businesses as their dashboard makes it very easy for a team to share data and consult.

Price starts from £89. 



ClickFunnels is an incredibly popular online sales funnel platform. With this tool you can build beautiful sales pages that convert visitors into leads and paying customers.

The best part about ClickFunnels is that you don’t need to have any coding experience. The tool offers you an array of features- like it’s ready made templates, or it’s very simple drag & drop feature which makes personalizing sales funnels quick and easy.


The ClickFunnels package also comes with video tutorials and a great customer support team so you can iron out any difficulties you are having.


Price varies. 



  • Get Response 


If you are looking for an all-in-one marketing automation tool that has features, which can help you generate leads and improve your sales funnel then Get Response is the tool for you.


With it you can create and streamline your sales funnel with ready-made templates, email, sign up forms, one-click upsell pages and webinars, so that you can increase conversion.


The tool is very easy to use and for the price of only $15 it is very affordable and cost effective.


Prices range from $15.


  1. Grow  

Grow is a data visualization platform that is committed to helping you make data driven decisions so you can grow. 

The tool pulls data from multiple sources, it gives you a real time view of all the important analytics, helps you forecast, contrast data, create your own graphs, calculate performance and also gives you insight into how each part of the funnel is contributing to growth. 

Grow is a great tool for large businesses and offers a free trial. 

Prices range from $300.


  1. Quantum Metric   

Looking to improve customer experience? Quantum Metric is a very useful tool to explore. It gives you the ability to gather data about users on your site by tracking and recording their entire user experience

Quantum Metric performs full session replay capture, tracks page hits, mouse movements, scrolling, typing, errors and broken links. With this information you’ll be able to solve issues and improve user experience

The tool also offers you and your team a platform to share that data and come up with solutions to increase conversion

Price varies.


  1. Smart Look 

Smart Look is another tool that tracks and records users on your site. Smart Look can show you how someone got to your site, what products they have looked at, what they added to their basket and any barriers they come up against. With this information you’ll be better equipped to optimize user experience, improve your site and solve problems by offering the right customer support.  

Prices range from $39.