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work with marketing data
Collect, prepare and analyze all your marketing data with ease.

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Funnel collects all your data in one secure place and makes it analysis-ready for you and your team. Your data is always accurate and up-to-date for all your marketing reporting needs. Send data to a dashboard, sheet, or data warehouse. Funnel’s got you covered!

Collect all your marketing data
Connect all your data sources in minutes. Funnel integrates with 500+ marketing apps and platforms. Something missing? We’ll build it – that’s our guarantee.

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Making marketing data business-ready
Clean, group, and map your data the easy way.

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Data where you need it
Whether it’s Google Data Studio, Sheets, a data warehouse, or any other solution, we put the data where you need it.

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A crash course in data visualization
Data visualization is a critical skill for any marketer, but it can be hard to learn and get right.
Luckily, we’ve got an expert in data visualization and communication at Funnel to share his knowledge.

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Funnel raises $66 Million Pre-IPO Financing
Read the press release to hear how we will help more marketers to get their data business ready.

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