7 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools to Consider 

August 18, 2021

7 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools to Consider 


Social media monitoring is about tracking your audience’s behavior, thoughts and opinions about your business, as well as your competitors. 

This is important, as listening to your audience is key to improving your business and your social media strategy. It can also give you an idea of what kind of social media trends you should follow to get your business more exposure, and help make sure that you are meeting your customer’s needs. 

There are many tools on the market that can help make this information gathering easier, below we’ve listed 7 of the best tools available right now. 

Social Media Monitoring Tools

  1. Social Hub

With Social Hub you are able to see all your social media apps in one single -stream Smart Inbox, which makes it easier to engage with customers. 

You’ll be able to monitor, track and follow brand mentions, hashtags and searches directly in your Smart Inbox. So, you can uncover any trends and react to any reputation risks with urgency. 

Social Hub also offers you analytical data and powerful insights into your social media impact, so that you can find new ways to optimize your social media performance. 

It is a great, efficient tool for social media managers and their teams. 

Price varies. 


  1. Rankur 


Rankur focuses on monitoring and building your company’s online reputation. 

To do this it analyses a company’s online reviews, news, blogs, forums and social networks then performs text analysis – where it extracts data, sentiment and opinions. 

Rankur also has a great feature that measures the quantity and quality of the conversations around your business, so you know what your customers are saying about your business and who are the opinion leaders in your field. 

It also gives you the ability to engage with customers to rectify and improve your reputation. Therefore helping you shape your company’s online reputation for the better. 

Prices range from $24. 


  1. Social Pilot


Social pilot is one of the leading social media software brands because it allows the user to manage over 50 social profiles. The tool gives you a wide reach, giving you the opportunity to engage with more people than ever before. 

It also gives you the features to analyze, monitor and report your social performance so you can get an understanding of your social media engagement. This can help improve you and your team’s social media strategy

With Social Pilot you can connect to over 9 social media networks, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Tiktok, Pinterest and many more. 


Prices range from $30


  1. Post Planner


Post Planner allows you to post to different social media sites (Facebook, Instagram etc.) from one place but it also focuses heavily on planning. 

With Post Planner your weekly social media posts can be queued up and everything is guaranteed to go out on its set time. 

The tool also gives you access to all the articles that have mentioned your brand. So, you can know instantly what other reviewers are writing about your brand, you can even thank and share the positive reviews from Post Planners platform. 

Price ranges from $3. 


  1. Mention 

Mention is an all-in – one social media marketing tool, which helps you listen to the conversations around your brand. It also helps you keep track of the influencers leading conversations in your field. This can help you understand what influencers you might want to take marketing direction from, or work with to enhance your brand. 

With Mention you will be able to integrate and control all your social media accounts from one efficient, well- made platform. The Mention platform is easy to use, functional and will save you time. 

Price ranges from $29. 


  1. is a highly rated platform created for efficient social media monitoring. 

With Falcon you can do all your social listening to find out what everyone is saying about your brand. You can filter out conversation topics with its great labeling feature, so you dissect feedback. You can even direct message customers to learn more about their thoughts on your business. With the more information you gather the more you can improve your business and increase customer satisfaction. 

Falcon is very user friendly; it has a bright interface and it is also very easy to integrate with all your social media platforms

Prices range from $129. 


7.Boom Sonar 

Boom Sonar is an all-in -one tool for media management and media monitoring.  

What is beneficial about this particular tool is its smart algorithm feature which provides instant analysis of your media output. It analyses the results, creates context- aware smart insights, and provides guidance on the best actions to take. 

The tool also comes with an Online Reputation Management feature so you can protect your brand. It achieves this by scanning all your social media and providing possible crisis scenarios to you beforehand, so you are prepared to nip any crisis in the bud.   

If you are looking for a tool to do all the leg work, involved in media monitoring, then this is the tool for you. 

Price varies.