Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization
In this guide, you’ll learn 30 tricks to improve your conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Table of Contents
Tactic 1: Choose a Contrasting Button Color
Tactic 2: Increase the Amount of Whitespace
Tactic 3: Convey Depth Through a Border, Bevel, or Shadow
Tactic 4: Convey Movement With an Arrow
Tactic 5: Alter Your Button on Hover
Tactic 6: Orient Gazes Toward Your CTA
Tactic 7: Repeat Your Primary CTA
Tactic 8: Use 1st Person Wording
Tactic 9: Change Your Button During a Visit
Tactic 10: Force Visitors to Accept / Reject Your CTA
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Tactic 11: Use a Two-Step Opt-In
Tactic 12: Let Visitors Create Tangible Progress
Tactic 13: Don’t Require Credit Cards for Free Trial
Tactic 14: Emphasize Their Progress Within Your Funnel