10x Funnels: Generating Leads

10x Funnels: Generating Leads

10x Funnels: Generating Leads


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10x Funnels: Generating Leads

Attract and convert your perfect leads by breaking up with “best” funnel practices and doing this instead

Get leads to eagerly sign up for your opt-in without using the complicated, tech-heavy, months-in-the-making funnels competitors rely on

You’ll 10x your strategic lead attraction skills and:

Diagnose funnel problems like a conversion detective, spotting opportunities even the best consultants miss thanks to a framework that’s bound to become your secret weapon
Show off your inner growth expert by smoothly crafting A/B testing ideas that build on existing results and make your funnel better with age
Impress with your ability to suggest the perfect funnel set up once the messaging is in place, showing that you’re far more than a “wordsmith” – all thanks to the worksheet that’s gonna help you get it right every time
Become known as the “lead whisperer” in the coveted circles your dream clients float in by digging deeper and revealing the exactly how your leads feel and shaping the perfect offer to match that

You’ll 10x your conversion copy skills and:

Transform perfect strangers into happy, perfect leads who want what you’re selling without guesswork or stress… All by using the thorough research process you’ve been missing all these years
Boost trust by using the hidden power of social proof to its full potential (instead of just sticking quotes and a photo on the page)
Make every word in your copy feel like an exciting adventure your lead wants with the “Perfect Lead Profile”
Transform your typical welcome emails into “acceleration agents” that turn subscribers into perfect leads