10x Funnels: Nurturing Leads To Buy

10x Funnels: Nurturing Leads To Buy

10x Funnels: Nurturing Leads To Buy


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10x Funnels: Nurturing Leads To Buy

Beyond launches: Build an evergreen funnel that turns leads into customers without the hype and stress of “big events”

Help your clients or your biz break up with short term cash infusions by building the long term sales machine of your future:

You’ll 10x your strategic chops:

Be seen as a funnel wizard as you create evergreen promotion funnels that make your clients money as they sleep without relying on fast-changing tactics
Activate your leads’ buying behaviour anytime using the “Revenue Engine Funnel Brief” to create happy, perfect customers that buy over and over
Guide your team or client to create an offer so irresistible to your ideal customer, it makes buying from you an absolute no brainer
Help your clients feel stoked for hiring you by showing them exactly how you’ll measure success and mic-drop A/B testing ideas that can keep this funnel’s conversion rates rising well into the future

You’ll 10x your conversion copy skills, claim your place as the “client whisperer” and:

Destroy blank page syndrome before it sinks its claws in by using the “message map” to create the exact flexible structure your copy should follow
Trigger “self-persuasion” – the most powerful way to sell – by guiding your customers to a revelation using a woo-free, step-by-step process
Master the “funnel math” method that will slay fear because you’ll be able to measure your funnel like a pro
Confidently walk clients through your funnel optimization plan so you can increase your project engagement and charge higher rates