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Become great at Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is considered the Rolls Royce of the digital analytics tools. It is super fast, it allows you to build very powerful reports, conduct deep dives, and avoid data sampling.

What this course will teach you
Get an understanding of key concepts of Adobe Analytics, and how to use different metrics.
Explore the Analysis Workspace with reports, dashboards, and other tools of Adobe Analytics.
Look at how to set up and track campaigns, and how best to leverage Report Builder.
Create and interpret mobile, video, path, visitor profile, retention, and other popular reports.
Use the powerful custom segments and calculated metrics features.
This course is for you if you…
Are a marketer or an analyst looking to leverage the benefits of Adobe Analytics
Already know Google Analytics, and are looking to add on Adobe Analytics skills.
Are looking to optimize your website, mobile app, and marketing
Want to learn how to use Adobe Analytics successfully after implementation
Know there’s more to Adobe Analytics than the reports you occasionally look at, but you don’t quite know where to start.

This course is designed for marketers, product managers, IT, and communications professionals who need to understand their customers’ online behavior, web content performance, and campaign ROI using Adobe Analytics.

This course is NOT for you if you…
Are totally new to the digital marketing landscape
Have no basic knowledge of what digital analytics is
Don’t like data
Are looking for a guide on the technical implementation of Adobe Analytics