Advanced Facebook Ads: Customer Acquisition

Advanced Facebook Ads: Customer Acquisition

Advanced Facebook Ads: Customer Acquisition


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Advanced Facebook Ads: Customer Acquisition

Facebook advertising offers an unparalleled opportunity for ecommerce businesses. With a powerful audience-targeting tool, platform-specific ad creative, and an easy-to-understand analytics tool, you have everything you need to run ads and grow your business.

Using his own brand and ads as an example, you’ll learn how to create a new customer acquisition campaign using interest-based targeting and data in your very own Shopify store.

If you’re brand new to paid advertising, we recommend starting with the introductory course: Facebook Ads for Beginners: Retention and Loyalty and then take this course.

In this course, you’ll learn how to get new customers to your online store. From setting a budget to testing your ads, Shopify business owner Ezra Firestone will share his steps for successful interest-based targeting.



How to Succeed in this Course

What Successful Brands Have in Common

Ezra’s Core Principles of Advertising

How to Build Your Sales Funnel

How Much Should You Spend on Advertising?

01 |Create Your Audience

How to Create the Customer Avatar

How to Turn Avatars into Audiences

Audience Insights Tool (DEMO)

Saved Audiences (DEMO)

02 |Leverage Video Creative

The Power of Video Ads

Three Proven Video Frameworks

Video Production Tips for Any Budget

03 |Awareness Campaign Set-Up

Campaign Structure 101

Live Campaign Set-Up (DEMO)

Dynamic Product Ads (DEMO)

Re-Engage and Re-Market with Video Ads (DEMO)

04 |Reviewing Ad Performance

How to Use the Reporting Dashboard (DEMO)

Conclusion + Next Steps