App Store Optimization course


App Store Optimization course
People spend billions of dollars in mobile apps. In the next 5 years, the market is projected to grow 20% every year. If you are an SEO and don’t do App Store Optimization (ASO), you are leaving money on the table.
In this course, Simon Bacher teaches you the strategy and tools he used to drive over 500k downloads a month. Learn how to research your keywords, optimize your listings, and outsource the entire process.

Unlimited platform access for $89 / month.


Some Course Modules
Module 1: Launch your Android App
Module 2: Launch your iOS App
Module 3: Keyword Research
Module 4: Create a Converting Listing

Seven years ago, after a series of unsuccessful attempts to learn the Thai language, Simon Bacher decided to develop his own language app to help people like him master foreign languages. With over 10,000 daily app downloads, his company Simya Solutions now offers over 200 mobile apps. Simon knows firsthand how to launch and optimize apps for maximum downloads for both Android and iOS.