Become Your Own Technical Co-Founder

Become Your Own Technical Co-Founder

Become Your Own Technical Co-Founder


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Become Your Own Technical Co-Founder
Who is this for?

Founder/Hacker is a launchpad for “non-technical” employees who want to become owners.

If you’ve tried and given up on platforms like Codecademy, Udemy courses or Team Treehouse, you might think you’re not smart enough to learn to code. This is false. Unfortunately, traditional programming schools present material in a boring, life-sucking fashion. We endure it for a few minutes, then quit again until next year.

Founder/Hacker is the antidote to courses that train you to be a “good employee.” I will teach you to be an owner. And we’ll get there together, so you can build the money-making software ideas you’ve been kicking around your head for far too long.

What you’ll learn
Ruby is a beautiful, expressive backend language that powers websites like GitHub, Airbnb, Shopify, and Hulu.
Zero-to-one training on APIs and webhooks so you can make and parse requests with HTTP or open source libraries.
Build command line interface (CLI) tools and executables that automate your work and interact with 3rd party services.
Step 1 – Believe
Programmers want you to think coding is difficult. This is survival 101. But the skills you already have as a marketer or designer will make you more effective than most developers, once you develop the “build” muscle.
Step 2 – Ignore
Other programming schools train you to be “good employees,” thus they teach you a lot of things that don’t matter for entrepreneurs. In this course I’ll explain exactly what you need to know and why, using personal examples from dozens of software projects.
Step 3 – Build
Traditional textbooks aren’t nearly as effective for retention as just doing it. Within the first 10 minutes of the Fundamentals course you’ll apply your new coding skills to real world problems.
Flagship course. Focus on backend (Ruby) and APIs. Future courses will cover frontend and web app development.