The Ultimate List of Shopify Tools

September 20, 2022

9 Shopify tools to Optimize Your Ecommerce Store


Shopify has hundreds of tools in its Shopify app store, so it can be difficult to work out which ones are best for your Shopify store.

If you are looking to improve your customer service, increase your sales, save a boatload of time or find the right products to list, then you have come to the right place.

Below we’ve listed 9 Shopify Marketing tools that are going to improve your sales and take your customer’s shopping experience to the next level.

Shopify Tools

Email Marketing  

  1. Privy

Privy’s features are tailored to reducing cart abandonment and growing your Shopify store’s mailing list.

The app offers a great pop-up feature where you can collect email addresses from visitors to your store. All their pop-up boxes are fully customizable so you can style it to your website. Another plus is the fact the tool is very interactive – which means discount code pop up’s can be activated when the customer is making a move to close your site.

Privy’s free plan is great for small businesses who are just getting started.



  1. Klaviyo 

With Klaviyo you’ll be able to send emails containing information on special offers and exclusive products to your Shopify customers. You will also be able to give customers who have abandoned their shopping carts a little email nudge.

Klaviyo has a great selection of email templates, which makes it easy to tailor your emails to represent your brand.

The tool itself is very easy to set up and use.

Price varies.



  1. Aftership 

Aftership will help keep your Shopify customers updated on the status of their deliveries from your online store.

The tool uses tracking software to identify the courier your customers package is with, so that your customer can keep track of their orders.  You can even email your customers little shipment notifications- this will help to build up consumer trust and loyalty. Another great feature is that the tool can help your business become proactive with previously unreceived deliveries; by being able to contact customers in advance.

Aftership is very easy to connect to your Shopify store, it updates itself automatically and works very smoothly.


Prices start from $9. 


Live Chat 

  1. SuperLemon 

The SuperLemon tool is a WhatsApp chat plugin for Shopify, that gives you the ability to directly communicate with customers live. With SuperLemon you’ll be able to directly address customers and give them the support they need. The WhatsApp dashboard provided by SuperLemon supports multiple chat agents. So, you are able to expand your business support structure as you go.

SuperLemon also allows you to send template-based cart recovery messages to those customers who haven’t completed their purchases.

The SuperLemon tool is very economical, bright and easy to use. It comes highly recommended by businesses that like to build consumer trust through direct customer communication.

Prices range from $9.99. 



Nexton our list is This tool creates WhatsApp chatbots to facilitate e-commerce orders, delivery notifications and customer support services.

The tool is very easy to integrate with your Shopify store so you will be able to answer queries, show off products and close any sale discussions.

The platform is very user friendly, very easy to navigate and the tool has a great support team in case of any issues.

Prices range from $47. 


Retail Listing

  1. Sellbrite 

Sellbrite helps brands and retailers to list and sell their products on the world’s largest online marketplace. To do this the Sellbrite management platform integrates with all the popular marketplace ecommerce stores, from Amazon to Shopify.

So, if you already have a Shopify store and think it might be worthwhile to branch out into other markets you only have to integrate your Shopify store with Sellbrite, and then with a click of a button Sellbrite can duplicate your store onto Amazon, Ebay etc.

In this way you’ll reach more markets and will have more eyes on your products, which means more sales.

Sellbrite is a great time- saving tool.  It is easy to navigate and is ideal for small to medium sized businesses.

Prices range from $49. 


Content Creation  

  1. BigSpy 

The BigSpy tool aims to give you advertising and marketing ideas so you can create content for adverts.

Bigspy provides its users with a huge library of the best, most effective adverts created on various platforms, so you can see what kind of content is getting the most engagement.

You can filter these ad’s according to the demographic you are trying to attract as well as the kind of products you are trying to sell. Hopefully you’ll be able to be inspired to create great ad’s for yourself and generate more sales.

Prices range from $99. 


Personalization software 

  1. Nudgify

Nudgify uses carefully placed pop-up’s or ‘nudges’ to encourage the customer to make a purchase.

With Nudgify you can use pop-ups to show customers how many people are online, how many other people are looking at the product they are and also, how many of those products are left in stock. This information is likely to build up consumer trust and will encourage the customer to buy.

Nudgify is very easy to integrate and use. It has a great drag- and – drop feature, which makes nudges very easy to place. The nudges come in various designs and colours to match the design of your Shopify store.

Prices range from $90 (free trial available).


Product Sourcing 

  1. Oberlo 

Oberlo facilitates dropshipping. The tool helps you find products, add them to your Shopify store and ship them directly to your customers.

One of the best things about Oberlo is that it is so easy to search in its catalogue to find new products to sell.  You can also set search categories to find niche products.

The tool has the platform to help you edit a lot of products in bulk before posting them in your Shopify store. You are allowed to set price limits on what you want to sell so you can stay consistent in your pricing.

Oberlo has a great customer support service, sign up is free and the start price for their software packages are very reasonable.

Prices range from 29.90.   

For the beginners, Shopify has some excellent videos for beginners on their YouTube Channel