Building an SEO-driven Editorial Calendar

Building an SEO-driven Editorial Calendar

Building an SEO-driven Editorial Calendar


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Become great at building an SEO-driven editorial calendar

Maximize traffic with an SEO-driven editorial calendar

After taking this course, you’ll:
Have a proven process for how to build your SEO editorial calendar from scratch.
Understand everything from keyword research to pairing topics with the right content type.
Know how to find topics that will rank and get you more traffic.
Strategically align SEO, marketing and business goals in order to sustainably grow site traffic.
This course is right for you if you are…
Struggling to fill your content calendar with topics to help grow search traffic and rank.
Not sure when a page should target multiple keywords or just one.
Confused by all the different SEO myths and advice – like the “right” length of content or where to put keywords in your content.
This course is NOT for you if you are…
Have no idea what SEO or search volume mean.
Only interested in creating content and prefer leaving the SEO stuff to someone else.
Skills you should have before taking this course…
Basic Google Sheets skills
Basic understanding of keyword metrics like search volume or the idea of keyword difficulty
Experience with content – writing, planning or strategy.