Content Marketing Research

Content Marketing Research

Content Marketing Research


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Become great at content marketing research

Produce relevant, authoritative content that hits money-making KPIs

After taking this course, you’ll…
Identify your deepest expertise. Content marketing succeeds when you pinpoint the topics that you can own—those in which you can become a leading authority.
Learn a replicable process for topic research. Simply looking at the “most shared” or “most linked” posts on a topic and trying to “skyscraper” them is a deeply flawed strategy. A solid process creates a pool of data-backed ideas you can return to again and again.
Adopt professional publishing standards for your content marketing efforts. The details that separate newspapers, magazines, and books from your blog posts or whitepapers can undermine the perceived authority of your content. Small changes can have a huge impact.
This course is essential for you if …
You’ve spent money on content marketing—but have yet to get (or prove) results.
You want a reliable process to consistently identify topics that earn links and shares.
Your content marketing “program” is little more than haphazard keyword research and uninspired blog posts.
This course is NOT for you if…
Your content marketing strategy is already locked in to a simplistic framework of short, derivative, keyword-targeted blog posts.
You’re an agency partner or freelance writer who has no influence on topic research or KPIs.
You already have expertise in content marketing, SEO, and professional publishing.