4 Content Discovery Tools You Need for Your Content Marketing

May 11, 2022

Content Discovery Tools and Their Importance

Content marketing has grown exponentially over the last few years are more businesses realized the value of content marketing.

To really make your content marketing work, one of the fundamental aspects is using the right content discovery tools.

As content discovery changes, its important to keep up with the trends

If you want to maintain a robust social media calendar, it’s important that your posts include branded (or owned) media and relevant content like industry articles or reports. It also helps if they’re promoting other brands in addition to the occasional promo post!

We all know the importance of social media marketing, but it can be time-consuming and difficult to keep up with. This is where content discovery tools come in handy – they help you find relevant posts that are tailored just right for your audience!

The best way would probably be something like Hootsuite or Bufferapp so when one post goes viral across different platforms there’s no need to worry because these apps will send out auto alerts reminding everyone else what happened firsthand already 😉

Here are 4 of the best Content Discovery Tools

Content Studio

Content Studio is a social media marketing platform that helps you streamline your content and optimize it for success. The tool has been created by publishers, brands & agencies with experience in digital strategies at the forefront of their minds – which means it’s designed specifically around what they need from an app like this!

Content studios’ powerful yet easy-to-use interface allows users across industries including publishing companies or startups who want to increase brand awareness through consistent posting; newsfeeds on various platforms such as Instagram Stories.

Now your team can access all of the best performing content for any topic or industry with a single click. You’ll never have to worry about lack-luster emails again because you’re going straight into their inboxes! No more wondering which blog posts are converting well? Here is what this new tool does: finds top performers based on certain criteria such as social shares per post and number of views/week then exports them so that everyone on staff has easy access via Google Sheets – saving hours per person annually when using these


With Willow, you can build a healthy social media presence that is tailored to your needs. From easy publishing and content inspiration all the way down to curated news from around the world – they have got it covered!

Wondering what to post today, tomorrow, or next month? You’ve come to the right place. Willow is your one-stop-shop for inspiration and plan ahead so that you can become an impactful thought leader in no time at all!

Curation Soft

Curation Soft is a powerful, all-inclusive content curation tool that allows you to quickly sift through a variety of features including backlink generation and more. This solution provides marketers with an easy way for generating niche relevant headlines while also editing HTML texts in seconds! With this amazing software, there’s no need to search around anymore because it does everything on its own by sourcing keywords from Google.

Curated content is a wonderful way to optimize, prioritize and remain fresh through the streamlined algorithm of this tool. marketers will be able create niche-friendly sets that are empowering as well as effective for building their brand!


Discover relevant, top-notch content that your audience wants to read. Spend less time-sharing and more curating! That makes you stand out from the competition

Curatora lets you customize your content sources and add new ones with just one click. Tap into our AI for valuable suggestions that will interest the right audience in seconds!

Curatora is the perfect tool to keep you informed about what’s happening in various fields. They can easily manage their content sources or add new ones with a click of a button, tap into AI for suggestions that interest your target audience, and review posts without distractions through our user-friendly interface!


With Revcontent, brands can now find exactly the right audience at just about any time of day. Whether you want to target people who are bored on their commute or looking for new recipes after dinner- our technology has got them covered!

With Revcontent, advertisers can find their perfect audience at any time. The company’s platform provides access to information on what people around the globe are interested in through technology partnerships with top media brands like Bloomberg TV or Forbes Magazine – giving you an edge over your competition!