Content Recycling


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Become great at content recycling

Increase your efficiency and maximize your reach with content

After taking this course, you’ll…
Have the ability to deliver high-quality content marketing material fast, so building a loyal audience with minimal effort.
Know how to take a single piece of content (like a blog post) and repurpose it for different channels, thereby maximising reach.
Be able to implement a robust working methodology for the production of content marketing material. A process that ensures you post regularly and build brand awareness.
Have a suite of possible tools to help you produce content marketing more efficiently and reduce the number of hours dedicated to creating and posting content.
In just 15 sessions, you’ll be able to…
Take a blog post and effectively turn it into a series of social media post.
Turn a blog post into quality podcast content.
Build a webinar around blog post content.
Turn webinar content into videos for Youtube.
Transform multiple posts and turn them into an ebook.
Take ebook content and turn it into a self-learning video course.
Implement a fast and reliable blog post writing process.
Make the most of online tools to streamline their workflow.
This course is essential for you if …
You use content marketing as part of your marketing strategy.
You have found that your content marketing efforts have failed to generate the return you had hoped for.
You believe you do not have the time or resources to include content marketing in your marketing strategy.
This course is NOT for you if…
You expect immediate results and refuse to invest in new ways of doing business that requires planning, building, and iterating over many months.
You do not see value in content marketing and feel it has no place in your marketing mix.
You have ample time and resources to produce quality content marketing material across a range of platforms.