Brand Awareness Tools

August 2, 2021

Brand Awareness Tools

Brand Awareness Tools – Brand awareness and brand marketing is all about making sure your brand is easily recognizable and will be remembered 

To increase the brand awareness of your company, it is not only essential to be consistent in your branding (by using the same logo, colours and fonts across all your business platforms) but it is also essential to have a good brand awareness campaign.    

Having a brand awareness campaign involves being visible to your customers, engaging with them, making sure you remain relevant and putting your business out there as much as possible.   

Below we’ve listed 7 brand awareness tools you should incorporate into your marketing strategy, so that you can increase your company’s brand awareness.  


  1.      Brandwatch 

First on our list is Brandwatch. Brandwatch helps you find, filter and analyze important conversations happening on the web about your brand and those of your competitors.  

With Brandwatch you are able to learn about what your customers are thinking, so you can focus your marketing strategy around what your customers care about. This is a great way to increase brand engagement and awareness.  

With Brandwatch you are also able to stay ahead of any brand crisis- as by monitoring conversations around your brand you are able to get their first; if any customers have issues.   

Price varies.  


  1. Social Influence 

Social Influence

Social Influence is a great tool that helps you partner with influencers. On this site you will be able to pick the right influencer to recommend your products to their audience.   

Collaborating with well- known influencers to market your company can in turn increase your brand recognition. It is also likely to increase sales as influencers are trusted by their audience.  

Social Influence makes it very easy to connect with some of the best influencers in the business. The service offers you a wide selection of influencers who specialise in categories such as fashion, food, beauty etc. so you will be able to pick the right influencer for your business. 

Price varies.  

  1. Mention 


Mention is a similar tool to Brandwatch. Mention is an all-in – one social marketing tool that helps you listen to the conversations around your brand and your competitors. It also helps you keep track of the influencers leading conversations. This can help you understand what influencers you might want to take marketing direction from.  

With Mention you will be able to integrate and control all your social media accounts from one platform. Mention also has a great ‘content calendar’ feature that allows you to plan and auto publish content at opportune times when your posts will be more likely to be seen.   

The Mention platform is easy to use, functional and has many great time saving features. Mention is one of the most popular brand awareness tools.

Price ranges from $29 (free trial available) 

4.  SemRush  


SemRush can help you increase your company’s online visibility on all key channels from their sole platform.  

The tool can help you rank higher on Google searches, as it tells you what keywords your competitors use to rank high on Google and helps apply them to your own site. With a higher ranking you will be able to increase traffic to your site, which will lead to more users or customers.  

SemRush is definitely a very useful tool to have in your marketing arsenal to boost your brand awareness.  

Price ranges from $99.95 (free trial available). 

  1. Fastory 



People spend a lot of time on their phones and use it to complete everyday tasks like shopping or surfing their social media sites. This is where Fastory comes in. Fastory provides you with interactive mobile content for your business, so you are able to collect data in a way that’s fun for the user. 

Through Fastory’s platform you are able to create colourful games, interactive experiences, quizzes, sweepstakes and many more. The aim is to get your users to want to interact so you can gather as much information about your customers as possible without them getting tired. 

In a few clicks you will be able to create content that submerges your users in an interactive experience that will immerse them in your brand. Fastory offers a huge selection of gaming templates, styles, designs and images to help represent your brand.  

Just make sure you are consistent in your branding when creating your game. Use the same logo, colours, fonts, imagery consistent with your brand so people are able to recognize your brand instantly. 

It’s also worth noting that you are able to integrate these games into your businesses Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. 


Prices range from £499 (free trial available)  

  1. Content Studio 

Content Studio

Content Studio  is an amazing content creation tool that helps you stay relevant by letting you know which topics are popular. 

With it’s keyword search tool, you can select the category related to your business and Content Studio will give you thousands of ideas on what content you can create to help you entice users and potential customers. In that way you will not only be able to increase the visibility of your brand but also your reach. 

The Content Studio platform is clean, easy to use and affordable. It’s also very easy to integrate Content Studio with all your social accounts. If you run into any trouble, Content Studio has a great customer service helpline. 


Prices range from £49 (free trial available).   

  1. MailChimp 


Looking for an easy way to connect to your customers?  

MailChimp is a very popular business marketing tool that helps you communicate with your customers through personalized emails. You can send beautiful and engaging newsletters, postcards, etc. that will represent your brand. Another plus is that these emails can be automated to be sent out whenever you like, so it’s one less thing for you to do. 

Through MailChimp you will be able to build a better relationship with your customers so they will think of you when they need the services or products which you offer.  

The MailChimp interface is bright, colourful and offers a variety of email templates and creation features to help you create the type of design that represents your brand. MailChimp is also very affordable.  

Prices range from $9.99 (free trial available)