Creating a High-Performing Email

Creating a High-Performing Email

Creating a High-Performing Email


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Creating a High-Performing Email
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As an inbound professional, you know your contacts need to see value in your emails. Your emails will need to benefit both you and your business. It can be a delicate balance. This is where high-performing emails come in. You know as inbound professionals that sending the right email means focusing on the content that you send, the segment of people you send it to, and the time you send it. With that strategy and mindset in place, you can start to draft and send high-performing emails. High-performing emails will drive engagement with your contacts. You will set the right goals and then optimize each part of your email to drive the conversions toward that goal. High-performing emails are focused on taking the essential parts of an email and making sure they are optimized to drive your contacts toward your specific goal. And when all of your emails are focused on this you will be driving that high ROI for your business. Your emails will be driving engagement and be the vehicle for growth for both your contacts and your business. The conversations you have with your contacts will guide them through the stages of the inbound methodology, ideally leading them to become a delighted long-lasting customer.

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27 minutes

Lesson Description:
Sending email, checking email, and drafting email has become as much a part of our day-to-day lives as getting up and going to work. And email is going to continue to play an important role in both our professional and personal lives. Creating emails that engage your contacts and help you grow your business is a key piece of your overall email marketing strategy. In this lesson, you’ll learn the elements of a high-performing email and what you can do to implement them in your business.