Demand Generation


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Become great at demand generation

Build a demand generation engine and win 10x more sales

This course will show you how you can build a predictable, scalable and repeatable lead generation machine for your company.

Win 10x more sales with half the effort by building a demand generation engine for your company

If you’ve ever wondered how HubSpot, KissMetrics, or even Salesforce are such powerhouses when it comes to sales in their industry, it’s because their marketing team has built a demand generation engine.

Join marketing expert Ramli John as he walks through the essentials of creating a solid demand generation pipeline that will support your business for years to come.

In just 8 sessions, you’ll be able to
Put together a successful demand generation strategy that will help your company generate predictable, qualified leads for years to come
Leverage landing pages, social media, and keywords to compel your target audience to give you access to their email inbox and, eventually, their wallet
Avoid some of the most painful bottlenecks when it comes to implementing a demand generation program that aligns sales and marketing
This course is right for you if…
You have a product or service that requires you to generate new leads each month – example: SaaS product, accounting firm, agency, consulting, niche e-commerce products, etc.
You want to generate more qualified leads for your company and “warm them up” so they’re ready to buy your product or service
You understand the importance of aligning and enabling sales and marketing revenue goals and vision
This course is probably not for you if…
You have enough leads in your sales team pipeline this quarter to hit your revenue goals
You’re satisfied with the number of leads you’re getting each month using the demand generation tactics you’re using right now
You aren’t curious or willing to take the risk to try new demand generation tactics