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Become great at email marketing

Start getting 20x returns from email marketing

Learn how to build lists fast, what to send that works, and how to make your email marketing data-driven.

In just 4 sessions, you’ll be able to…
Optimize your email list growth to grow your revenue from email.
Improve your email content to grow your return on email investment.
Turn your email program into data-driven marketing machine that drives results.
Avoid errors that email marketers often (still) make.
This course will help you grow your email marketing program to the next level

Do you know how much revenue you make per email subscriber? From driving engagement to fine tuning your list and timing, Jessica Best, self-proclaimed email marketing dweeb, will help you get your current strategy in the best shape it can be

You will:

discover how to grow a large subscriber base fast,
get the latest info in content and creative that works,
learn how to make your email marketing totally data-driven.

So you can finally start earning that $20-to-$1 return on investment.

This course is right for you if…
Create the strategy, content, or send schedule for your company’s email marketing campaigns
Haven’t had any formal training in email marketing but still lead the charge for your company
Have been doing email marketing for years but suspect you aren’t getting a $20+ return on investment
Haven’t dipped much into email marketing
This course is probably not for you if…
You’re already doing 10-point email journeys based on data from multiple sources/databases
You want to scrape email addresses off the internet and send them every email you possibly can