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The Secret Sauce Behind Success On Facebook Ads?
The One Thing Facebook Doesn’t Want To Talk About… DATA

How To Get Your Facebook Ads Machine Running On All Cylinders In 2020 (And Beyond)
Let me know if you’ve had any of these problems with Facebook Ads:

You put money into the Facebook Machine and get nothing back
You get leads from Facebook Ads… BUT none of them convert into customers
Your ad campaigns start off great… and then you hit the proverbial “Facebook Brick Wall”
If you’ve experienced these frustrations, you’re far from alone.

We surveyed 667 Facebook advertisers, and it turns out…

The things we love about Facebook Ads… are also the things we hate.

This love-hate relationship along with a changing landscape are the main reasons I’ve received so many requests for help with Facebook Ads over the past few years.

The truth is, despite over 30 million dollars of pay-per-click management experience and recognized industry expert status…

I have had my own struggles with Facebook Ads.

(I’m not sure if these results were harder on my wallet or my ego.)

That said, these disappointing outcomes are probably what I deserve for throwing advertising money at an uninspiring offer.

Going From ROI Negative To Positive
For the past 2 years, I dedicated myself to finding a better, simpler way to get results with Facebook Ads.

I analyzed over 10,000 ads published by Facebook’s top advertisers to find valuable trends in their ad creative.

I mapped out every step and detail I needed to follow to make sure I hit my advertising targets.

And, I devised a method to simplify my audience targeting.

Then I put everything I had learned together and relaunched my Facebook Ads campaigns.

​Impressive Results Can Come Quickly
The outcome?

Getting these improved results felt fantastic.

BUT here’s what’s even more significant…

I discovered three vital (and somewhat surprising) success factors that can CHANGE your Facebook Ads fortunes.

​Success Factor #1

​It’s All About The DATA (Just NOT Facebook’s)
Facebook would rather NOT talk about data these days…

And many marketing “experts” treat data like a four-letter word that’s too powerful for you to process.

Yet, here’s the thing… focusing on the data actually makes running Facebook Ads easier.

When you let data guide your decision making, you remove emotion, intuition, and guesswork from your process.

However… the key is to make YOUR data the focus instead of Facebook’s.

Facebook provides us with so many advertising metrics that it’s enticing to sit back and let them do the work.

But letting Facebook’s data (alone) guide your advertising strategy is a recipe for disaster.

Instead, you need to:

Set your advertising targets using your own business numbers

Deploy basic tracking tactics using third-party systems to hold Facebook’s data accountable

And use your data to train Facebook’s platform to bring you better results.
When you bring in data from outside the Facebook ecosystem to plan your advertising strategy and back-up your results…

You give yourself a strategic advantage.

You also avoid overspending to get results that won’t help you achieve your goals.

And when you nourish the Facebook Ads machine with the data it needs… You give yourself an opportunity to maximize every advertising dollar you spend.

​Success Factor #2

​Targeting Isn’t Everything
There’s a big myth surrounding targeting on Facebook Ads. And that myth is you need to target the perfect audience to be successful.

While targeting the right audience is important… matching the messaging of your ad content to the audience you want Facebook to deliver is far more vital to your success.

Think about it this way:

What this means is you don’t have to obsess over building hyper-precise targeting.

Instead, think about your audiences in terms of their “state of awareness.” Then, use your ad campaigns to target and engage your audiences based on their awareness levels. And track how your audiences’ awareness increases as result of your advertising.

The combination of broad targeting and precise tracking will help you get the best results.