Free Course on Google Analytics

Free Course on Google Analytics

Free Course on Google Analytics


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Free course on Google Analytics

Get better data from better tracking

Measure what really matters

Without the right data and the ability to understand it, you’re blind when you don’t have to be. There’s a reason Google Analytics is the world’s most popular digital analytics tool.

It allows you to analyze in-depth details about what your users are doing (or not doing) on your site. You can start focusing on the right things and measure what really matters for your business.

Learn how to start using analytics data to fix what isn’t working in your marketing and hone in on what is.

In just 9 lessons, you’ll learn:
Why digital measurement matters
What you need to be measuring in Google Analytics
How to identify errors on your website across devices
How to use Google Analytics to fix business problems
How to segment to identify outliers in your data
Why dimensions and metrics are important