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Become great at Google Analytics

From analytics amatuer to informed practitioner

Learn how to use Google Analytics data, so you can make better product, marketing, and strategy decisions.

Become a savvy Google Analytics practitioner – even if you’re just getting started

With this course you will learn how to measure what matters and make data-driven marketing decisions using insights from Google Analytics.

Enroll in this training program to learn

The basics of Google Analytics, including how to navigate the interface, read data with confidence and produce meaningful reports.
Who your visitors are and where they’re coming from, so you can focus on getting more of them.
What actions your visitors take on the site and what the results of those actions are, so that you can optimize your site for higher conversion rates.
How to analyze the data, understand the insights, and develop a strategy to improve business based on your Google Analytics findings.
Overcome the Google Analytics learning curve

Get the data that helps you see exactly what’s happening in your business. Understand where your conversions are coming from. Make better decisions about how to run your marketing campaigns.

That’s what Google Analytics can do for you… if you know how to use it.

The data-driven approach you learn in this course will eliminate the time-consuming guesswork, so that you can evaluate the numbers, decide on an evidence-based strategy, and execute more efficiently.

After completing this course, you’ll:

Be able to answer specific business questions using Google Analytics
Feel confident that your data is accurate and not swayed by bots, spam traffic, or other data tracking issues due to technical implementations
Know the inner workings of Google Analytics – essentially, what dimensions, metrics, segments, filters, and reports mean
Confidently communicate analytics insights with employers, stakeholders and clients
Use Google Analytics data to improve your product, marketing, and strategy decisions