Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals


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What will you learn in this GTM Fundamentals mini-course?

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals mini-course covers:

What is Google Tag Manager and why you should use it
How to use GTM and create/install your first container
What are tags, triggers, and variables
How to track Google Analytics page views and events
How to implement custom tracking codes
How to test your implementation and what steps should you take next in your GTM journey

This Google Tag Manager course includes 75+ minutes of video material, a 30-question quiz, and a course-completion certificate.

What can you expect from this mini-course?
3 modules

75 minutes of video content will show you the very first steps that you need to take with Google Tag Manager. From your first container to your first independently configured Google Analytics.

30-question quiz

At the very end of this course, test your new knowledge by answering 30 questions and getting instant feedback.

Useful resources

Every lesson of the course is enriched with links to related and useful resources/guides/tools. Everything to help you better learn Google Tag Manager.

Course completion certificate

Once you complete all the lessons and pass the final quiz in this mini-course, you’ll receive a course completion certificate.

Who is this course for?

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals mini-course is designed for those who have no previous GTM experience and want to get started but are not sure where to begin.

This course is right for you if:

You want to get the basics of Google Tag Manager right
You are a digital marketing specialist who wants to track visitors and their actions on a website
You’re fed up with developers who take ages to install your tracking codes
You want to take control of your web tracking efforts