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Get advanced level skills at Google Tag Manager

Turn your website into a tracking machine by mastering GTM

In this 9-lesson training program, you’ll learn
Understand GTM and the GTM data model, useful Javascript skills, and how to automate tasks using the GTM programmatic API
Customizing GTM event tracking to track interactions on a site
Customizing your Google Analytics setup using Tasks API, hitCallback, the Google Analytics Settings variable, and regular expressions
Ins and outs of the dataLayer
Turning GTM into a true force of power in your data organization
This course is right for you if…
You want to learn how to best utilize GTM and how to use JavaScript for customizing web analytics tracking
You want to know how to make GTM management easier with the API
You need help with GTM or web tracking JavaScript issues
This course is probably not for you if…
JavaScript is alien to you, and you have no motivation to learn it
You are looking for a deep-dive into mobile GTM or the GTM programmatic API
You are only just starting with GTM and don’t like technical descriptions, live coding, or browser developer tools
Web analytics deployment and implementation is not important to you, or you think GTM replaces your IT department or developers
Skills you should have
Intermediate understanding of how GTM works, especially how tags, triggers, and variables interact
Basic scripting skills and understanding of JavaScript, especially DOM manipulation (you’ve taken Codecademy’s intro course or equivalent).
Basic understanding of how the web browser works, especially when it comes to event tracking, the Data Layer, and Chrome’s developer tools