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Gumroad Tycoon
ByCharles Floate
I’ll show you my journey of building a six-figure virtual product business in just 5 months. As well as all the product creation processes, research, analysis & marketing techniques I used to achieve it.

Gumroad is, in my humble opinion as a marketer, the best platform to sell digital products & services on in 2020.

It’s not going to automatically put your courses on sale like Udemy, you aren’t going to get continually out promoted by “Skillshare Originals”.

The continually growing user base is also searching the site to purchase from creators daily, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of customers.

I Make $20k A Month Like Clockwork
Whilst there are some creators on this platform that make my earnings look like chump change, the brilliance of this platform shines through when you realize I’ve been able to grow to that level in just 5 months time.

Without all the features Gumroad offers, the incredibly loyal userbase they’ve nurtured and the ease of transactions I wouldn’t of been able to get this business to the level it is at today.

What’s Inside This Course?
My Six-Figure Gumroad Journey – I’ll take you through how I’ve been able to build my Gumroad business, and the journey I went through to get there.

Competitor Research & Analysis – How you can easily research and analyze competing products for ideas, pricing standards and much more.

Product Production Process – I’ll take you through how I make products so fast and of such a high quality.

Landing Page Setup & Optimization – My tips for making your Gumroad landing pages stick out and convert.

Marketing Channels – How you can market your products both on the Gumroad platform and through all the different free channels I utilize myself.

Product Roadmaps & Updates – How you can plan your production schedule and release updates to re-launch products.

Other Creator Case Studies – I’ll take a quick look at a few other Gumroad Tycoons, and how they got there.

As well as lots of tips, tools & tons of golden nuggets throughout.

I won’t keep you any longer, this presentation should be a premium product but I wanted to give back to the community that made my business thrive so much.