How to Build a World-Class Brand

How to Build a World-Class Brand

How to Build a World-Class Brand


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How to Build a World-Class Brand

A Brand Identity includes the visible ELEMENTS of your brand.

A complete identity can help consumers distinguish your company from the competition, help, turn them into brand advocates and elevate your Ecommerce business to new heights.

If you’re having a hard time developing the assets you need for a thriving ecommerce brand and don’t know where to start…we got you! In this course, John D Saunders breaks down the same process he follows to launch brands with a process-driven approach to building a BEAUTIFUL, FUNCTIONAL BRAND.

  • The primary components of design
  • How to decide on the ideal branding for your business
  • The ideal tools and resources to help you build your brand and business

The Primary Components of Brand Design

The Primary Components of Design

01 |The Brand Discovery Session

The Brand Discovery Session

02 |Developing Design

Developing Design

03 |Case Studies

Case Studies

04 |The Tools

The Tools