Analyzing Your Demand Generation Programs and Campaigns

Analyzing Your Demand Generation Programs and Campaigns

Analyzing Your Demand Generation Programs and Campaigns


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Analyzing Your Demand Generation Programs and Campaigns
Gathering and analyzing data to see how your demand generation campaigns perform is a key step in becoming data-driven. It’s also key to ensuring success with any future campaigns. If you aren’t contributing to the financial growth of your organization… well, then we need to talk.

Gathering and analyzing data provides insights into what’s working, what’s not, and what you can optimize for bigger wins in the future. It’s a crucial step for every marketing campaign—especially in demand generation.

In Analyzing Your Demand Generation Programs and Campaigns, you’ll discover the importance of becoming a data-driven organization. You’ll learn how to choose the best KPIs for your campaigns, so the data you gather provides insight into how you and your team are supporting your business objectives. And you’ll see how to put together a report guidebook so you can quickly determine which reports will give you the metrics you most need.

You’ll also learn how to present your data and analysis simply and visually, making it easy for stakeholders and management to see the impact of your efforts. When you connect data to future decisions, you and your organization can have a high level of confidence that the time and money you allocate to each campaign is a smart investment.

1 Determine the campaign KPIs for your organization to measure
2 Determine the most useful reports you’ll use and how to structure your report guidebook
3 Establish a process for validating your reports, including data, systems, and processes
4 Utilize visualizations to easily contextualize the data and to share insights with your team