How To Predict & Analyze Google Algorithm Updates

How To Predict & Analyze Google Algorithm Updates

How To Predict & Analyze Google Algorithm Updates


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How To Predict & Analyze Google Algorithm Updates
ByCharles Floate
If you own a website and you get traffic from Google, you have more than likely somewhere along the lines ran into a Google Algorithm Update. Probably the most financially impactful updates on the planet, Google can change the goalposts of what it wants to see out of webmasters and publishers in a split second.

I’ve been doing SEO for close to 13 years now, and in that time frame I’ve been witness to several different people releasing the statements of these updates, safari’d through the array of different animal-themed updates Google has coined and seen the fortunes of SEOs & website owners alike come and go on the whim of a few lines of code a Google engineer created one Monday afternoon.

This eBook is meant to give you the ability to not only protect your assets against future algorithm updates but also give you insights into exactly what Google is looking for, how you can create “Evergreen” pages & websites, and give you the tools how to fight back if you’ve been wounded by a Google update.

What’s Inside This eBook?
An introduction and a brief history of Google algorithm updates, how they’ve affected us and what we know about them and what they’ve targeted or liked in the past.
How to analyze a Google algorithm update once it’s rolled out, and find the signs of factors it has affected.
Is it possible to predict Google algorithm changes? And how SEOs have been able to do so in the past
How to make your website & SEO strategies “Algorithm Proof” and stop it from being affected in the future
And best of all? It’s totally FREE!

Though you can always chuck a few extra bucks my way if you really feel the need.