Intermediate Google Tag Manager Course

Intermediate Google Tag Manager Course

Intermediate Google Tag Manager Course


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Intermediate Google Tag Manager Course
A proven step-by-step system to unleash the power of Google Tag Manager and learn how to solve complex web tracking challenges

Have you been using GTM for a while but still get stuck way too often?
Google Tag Manager is not an easy tool. Of course, you can launch a bunch of basic tracking codes and be happy about it. But if you want to do more serious and quality implementations, a lot of new obstacles come in your way.

Do any of these struggles sound familiar to you?

You have configured GA cross-domain tracking but it does not work
You are not sure how to properly test it
iFrame tracking isn’t working
GA Enhanced Ecommerce setup looks like a nightmare to you and you have no idea where to start
You have implemented Enhanced Ecommerce but a lot of data is missing
It’s very difficult to cooperate with developers (and to be on the same page)
You feel like you could do more on your own but just don’t have enough technical knowledge
You feel like you don’t uncover GTM’s potential
I’ve been there! I know what it means to be in all these situations and to get stuck. To solve this, I chose the hard and the long way – figured them out on my own (and this took years). With this course, you can learn to solve your web tracking problems much faster.

Become a Google Tag Manager professional
A true professional knows his/her tools well and can offer solutions for complex tag management problems. And this course can help you reach this point much sooner. But why limit yourself? Additionally, you, as GTM specialist, will be able to:

Speed-up tracking implementations/updates, make them easier to scale
Communicate with developers easier and more efficiently
Build a solid testing practice that prevents expensive mistakes
Create internal workflows in your company that make data control easier to handle
Feel more confident with technical terms (if you don’t consider yourself technical yet)
Take your website tracking skills to the next level by unleashing the power of Google Tag Manager. Learn how to solve complex web tracking problems, confidently deal with technical issues, perform high-quality testing, smoothly cooperate with developers, and so much more.

Cross-domain tracking, iFrames, GA Enhanced Ecommerce and other headaches will be like snacks for you. Thanks to this course.