Low Level Link Building Course

Low Level Link Building Course

Low Level Link Building Course


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Low Level Link Building course
There are over 40 Types of Links you can build across thousands of sources. Many take only minutes to build if you know where to look. In this course, Ted Kubaitis (from Cora & SEO Tools Lab) guides you through where to find them, how to get them, what to expect and how to do it with minimal risk. He takes you through planning, preparation and executing your entire low level link strategy.

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Some Course Modules
Module 1: Link Building Primer
Module 2: Link Sources
Module 3: Wrapping it Up

Ted is an ex Microsoft programmer who got into marketing working for Microsoft many years ago. After doing SEO for some time he discovered that most other SEOs were not doing SEO using the empirical evidence method his background in data science had taught him and he went about building technology to help other SEOs get access to the same competitive intelligence data he had been using. This technology became Cora, one of the most well respected pieces of SEO software on the market today.


Ted is the founder of SEO Tools Lab, an SEO speaker and host of the weekly SEO show, SEO Fight Club.