Marketing Project Management

Marketing Project Management

Marketing Project Management


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Become great at marketing project management

Stop letting scope creep, moving deadlines and mismanaged resources get in the way of shipping wildly successful marketing campaigns.

After taking this course, you’ll:
Have a marketing project management process that’ll help you ship more successful campaigns
Understand the common pitfalls of a poorly managed marketing project and how to avoid them
A framework you can follow to improve how you’re building, executing, reporting and learning from your marketing efforts.
Project management is every marketer’s secret weapon.

Have you ever felt like you were trapped on a marketing hamster wheel with no idea how to get off?

You keep writing blog posts, sending emails, shipping campaigns…without any true understanding of the impact they’re having on the business. Or worse, you don’t have clear framework for how to improve and optimize your efforts the next time around.

That’s where marketing project management comes in.

With a honed marketing project management process you’ll turn that hamster wheel into a lucrative money-making machine for your business. Marketing project management is a secret weapon for ensuring every project, every campaign and every tactic aligns with your business goals and aspirations.

This course is essential for you if …
You don’t have a process, framework or strategy in place for project managing your marketing campaigns
You’ve been doing things the same way for a long time but want to learn how to improve and optimize your process to get better results from your marketing efforts.
You feel like something’s missing from your marketing…and think a project management process might be it.