Marketing Strategy


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Become great at marketing strategy

Learn how to build and execute an effective marketing strategy

Turn your marketing department into a valuable profit center

For many companies, marketing strategy can feel like a black box.

Because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, even smart marketers wonder where to start. For junior and mid-level marketers especially, crossing the gap from individual contributor to strategic leader can seem insurmountable.

It’s time we change that.

With the right approach and a few key frameworks, you can learn to think like a strategist and turn marketing into a key growth engine for your business.

After taking this course, you’ll:
Prioritize your marketing efforts – Use frameworks to identify the important initiatives to focus on in a sea of options.
Make a tangible impact – Learn how to organize marketing experiments and measure results.
Earn respect and recognition from management – Gain a greater understanding of stakeholder roles and how to communicate effectively.
This course is essential for you if …
You want to advance your career and start taking on more leadership roles.
You’re looking to join a startup as a first marketer or head of marketing, and starting from scratch.
You want to feel confident pitching and discussing new strategies with your marketing team and during interviews.
This course is NOT for you if …
You’re unwilling to challenge yourself, or expand your logical and creative thinking outside your comfort zone.
You can’t move quickly. Rapid iteration and fast learning cycles are the key to success in marketing strategy.
You’re not ready to own your results. Taking responsibility for business-critical decisions should be something that excites you.