Free Startup Resources – 15 Tools to Get You Started

February 13, 2022

Free Startup Resources


If you’re a startup, the journey is never easy. You have to deal with limited funds and resources while trying your best to get your business up and running. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it.

It’s time for some free startup resources. We’ve compiled a list of free tools to take your business to the next level—without one dime spent. However, some of these tools have paid plans.

Free Startup Resources

SEO: Advanced Web Ranking (AWR)

Are you looking to stay ahead of the competition? Advanced Web Ranking has you covered in tracking your competitors and helping create SEO (search engine optimization) reports. 

AWR gives you daily, weekly, and on-demand updates so you can stay on top of the game. Plus, comprehensive competitor research will keep you ahead of the curve. 

Web ranking is an important aspect of finding potential customers. With the right software, you can track your progress and see where improvements can be made. So why wait? Get started today with Advanced Web Ranking.


  • Detailed competitors’ research and insights
  • Easy integration with other third-party tools
  • SERP features reports for a better understanding

Keyword Research: Moz Pro


Moz Pro is one of the top keyword research tools, parallelling with Ahrefs and SemRush. Ever heard the saying, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”? Welcome to SEO. Moz Pro takes the guesswork out of search engine optimization so you can focus on your business goals. 

Track how you rank for keywords, see how you compare to your competition, and measure your local and national search visibility. Knowing where you stand is half the battle; with Moz Pro, you’ll be able to make data-driven decisions to help your business grow.





  • Link building to rank ahead of your competitors
  • Page optimization score and recommendations to scale
  • Crawl and auditing features to fix issues on your website


Technical SEO – Netpeak Spider

SEO is often considered a daunting task and even scary for some, especially new business startups. Netpeak Spider is an invaluable tool for website owners and SEO professionals. 

Netpeak crawler checks the technical quality of your website. For instance, it checks for duplicate content on your website and titles, meta descriptions, and H1 headers to prevent Google’s penalties. Plenty of internal tools to customize your settings and comprehensive reports




Backlinks – Linkgraph – Free Backlink Analysis

Linkgraph - Free Backlink Analysis

SEO experts spent hours searching for links to improve rankings. This was a time-consuming task. But now, there is a free tool called Linkgraph, which makes it easier. 

Linkgraph enables you to track more than 1 million websites for backlinks pointing to yours. It shows where your backlinks are coming from, your competitors ‘ linking strategy, and who the big players are on the web.


This handy tool provides you with all the data you need to improve your website’s ranking, including backlinks and anchor texts. 

Tools like Moz, Semrush and Ahrefs are also good for Backlinks analysis.



  • You’ll get disavow text for your disavow file
  • Users can check page authority(PA), Domain authority and Spammetrcis of up to 10 URLs in one click.


Analytics – Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free website and social media performance tool. It collects information on how many people visit your website, where they came from, and what they do there.

Google Analytics also provides information about the viewers’ demographics, such as age and location. Business owners can also use Google Analytics to see which keywords consumers use to find their website.



Competitor Analysis – Lxr Market Place

LXR Market Place has almost all the tools you need as a digital marketer. It has free SEO tools, PPC tools, and eCommerce tools that startups can grow their business. We know that small businesses need to be efficient and effective with their marketing spending. That’s why LXR MarketPlace has free tools that are perfect for you! 

Making the right optimization decisions can increase website traffic and convert more leads to customers. LXR SEO tools make it easy for a novice to make the right SEO decision. Its PPC tool saves you paid ads without tangible results.




Social Media –The Social Board


You want to post your best content, but you don’t want it buried in a never-ending feed. Social Board can help. It lets you customize how your posts are displayed and ensure that the most important post shows up first. With just a few clicks, you’ll have a beautifully curated social media page.

Social Board collects and manages images and videos across various social media channels. The analytics dives through all related and relevant posts for your business. You can easily embed a feed from Instagram or Facebook into any website with one click.




Vidds is another free startup software to check out amongst our list of other social media resources.

CRM – HubSpot Marketing


HubSpot CRM serves as a central hub that helps businesses manage customer relationships. This includes lead generation, campaigns, social media profiles, landing pages, and analytics. HubSpot CRM software solution is like Salesforce.

HubSpot helps you manage contacts, automate marketing tasks, and measure your results. It can serve businesses from 10 to 2000 employees. You can use it to create new leads by using the inbound CRM process, then nurture them into a sales-ready prospect.





CMS – Webflow


Webflow is a website builder that lets you customize every aspect of your website. You don’t need any technical knowledge to do this. There are three parts to Webflow: building the website, designing page layout, and customizing the website.

Whether you can code or not, Webflow has templates of all levels for your coding comfort or lack thereof. Webflow is a website creation and hosting tool (similar to Wix) 




  • No knowledge of HTML or CSS coding is required
  • Simple and easy to use “drag and drop” interface

For similar CMS tools like Webflow, you can check from the numerous resources here.


Content marketing – WriteSonic


HubSpot found that 82% of marketers use content marketing. Valued to be a $600 billion industry by 2024. This means, regardless of your business size, content marketing should not be ignored. WriteSonic is the best solution for your content marketing needs.


With this tool at your disposal, your days of staring at blank pages and writing from scratch are over. It takes a few minutes and just four steps to get the AI to create high-quality content for your business needs. You can choose from a range of ready-made templates for your landing page copy, Facebook ads, or blog posts.




Compose AI

Compose AI

The list won’t be complete without this free Chrome extension AI. Are you looking to speed up your writing process and improve your productivity? Compose AI is an advanced autocomplete tool that helps you write faster and personalize your writing style. 

The software’s autocompleting feature has AI that studies your writing style across different platforms and suggests the best words to use when writing a blog post, email, or even on Notion.

Not only that—it ensures those suggestions are contextual, and it keeps getting better the more you write.



  • Easy to use Chrome extension plug-in
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing platforms and tools
  • Learns users writing voices and offers personalized suggestions

There are other free startup resources here you can use to up your content marketing game.

Brand – Curatora


Your brand is how people see your business. It’s what your business stands for and means to them. Curator helps you build your brand with content. Thought-leader- content that cuts through the noise by broadening the depth of your knowledge. 

The algorithms make it easy to find good content from the web and create a curated article or feed that is perfect for your audience. The AI helps generate captions that resonate with your target audience for every piece of content created.



  • Create content images without stress
  • Generates annotation to drive better engagement to your post
  • It suggests your content captions hashtag, mention schedule your content to publish for all socials in one click

Go here for other free startup resources for brand building.

CRO – Unbounce Copy Analyzer

Increasing conversion is a major concern for most businesses, as only 22% claimed to be satisfied with their CRO. A lot goes into eCommerce website copy, but it boils down to two things: 

  • your customers’ pain points, and 
  • copy to convert them. 

With Unbounce Copy Analyzer, the game and number will turn in your favor. Input your Landing page URL with its conversion, and Unbounce Copy Analyzer will highlight how to optimize it for better conversion. And it’ll generate a personalized report on how you compare against other businesses.



There is Volument, another free CRO resource for startup 

Landing pages – GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels has everything you need to make your online business successful. The software features are designed specifically for affiliate marketers and bloggers.

Whether you’re creating landing pages or a mobile-friendly website, GrooveFunnel’s free plans can get you started.

Share and import entire funnels with Groove with a click. Also, host your business or product website landing pages for free.




  • Fast loading times
  • Custom domainMobile friendly to make indexing ease
  • Sales funnel comes with pre-built SEO for landing pages


Targetbay is another free startup resource for building landing pages for your business.

Growth hacking – ClickToTweet

With over 200 million monetizable subscribers on Twitter, the microblogging site is one of the best platforms for business. Wondering how to grow your business organically on Twitter with tweets? Check out ClicktoTweet.

Manage, track and engage your audience with this software. It allows users to create a display Twitter card without modifying or writing code. ClickToTweet enables you to create folders through links organized fashion for projects and campaigns. 

ClicktoTweet provides detailed analytics of each link which includes their demography. Microsoft, IBM, HubSpot, LinkedIn and Salesforce use Clicktotweet. 


  • Wide options of themes for embedding your tweets
  • Easily increase your followers by the suggested user feature
  • Link tracking and link shortening to enable others to share your message


So there you have it, our top 15 free resources for any startup. We hope that this list will help you in your journey to starting and growing your business. 

You must know that you do not need to have all the tools at your disposal; rather, you should create a plan and prioritize your needs. 

Have we missed one of your favorite free startup resources? Let us know in the comments!