Page Optimization


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Page Optimization

About this course

On Page Optimization is a foundational component of any SEO strategy. Learn how to identify what actions should be taken on your site to improve content performance and maximize your site’s reach.

By understanding the path to a conversion, you will be able to better optimize the content that visitors see. In this class, we will take a closer look at why visitors might be failing to achieve goals, and how site optimization can turn that around. You will learn how to prioritize optimization issues and how to identify these types of issues as you go. You’ll also learn how to map keywords to content and ensure that content is best optimized for your visitors.

This class will focus not only on conceptual understanding but also implementation of critical optimizations across your site. Learn tips around how to best use your time and how to scale the optimization process.

Some highlights from this class:

  • How site optimizations affect the path to a conversion
  • Identify the page attributes most impactful for SEO
  • How to prioritize content optimization issues
  • How to identify issues in real time
  • How to connect keyword research with site optimization through mapping
  • Common page optimization elements to focus on