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This is not another BS Course Sales Page

This is a course that took 7 months to create and has all
the info we know about PBN and Google ranking (well may not all)

Now that we that clear.

Let me ask you one question
Imagine you had the power to get any site
on the front page of Google.

What could you do with this power?

Could this power help you double your business?
Become the leader in your market?

OR Crush it in the affiliate space.. ?
Take over North Korea?

Your call…

Let’s make this clear (yes , I wrote this before)

This is not just another PBN course.

This is a change of shift.

If PBN training are cars, this is a Bugatti…. yes, best course ever created.

No hype. No fluff, Just Quality.

Yes. we want to be honest,…. there is no better course in the market.

Think of this as a Degree.
Want to learn more about PBN that anyone else? Welcome home baby… welcome home.

For years we have done PBN’s and everyone knows PBN’s are vital in the Affiliate, SEO or Lead Generation game.

Now it’s time to take the next step.

If you are beginner, an advanced SEO practitioner or you are looking to empower yourself to be the master of your own SEO success, then the PBN Master Course has you covered.

What separates this course from the hundreds of others is that you will be learning from someone that has used, has tested and knows the PBN market pretty damm well.

This is not about how PBN are magic magic… this is. about how. to make this shit work in 2018

Other courses from less qualified instructors cost $1,000s of dollars and don’t have the track record of success this course does.

Instead, you can get the proven How to Build a PBN Strategy that will Survive any Google update and even better, it will allowed you to make more money from your efforts.

Personalized Support

A self-guided course can only teach you so much and that’s why we are here to here to personally answer all of your questions.


It’s hard to be an entrepreneur by yourself. Luckily, you have access to access to our SEO group filled with members like you ready to help you. The group is an excellent resource to get instant feedback from successful members and to learn from others.

Course Curriculum
PBN 1 on 1 (The Reality)
Intro to PBN – Let’s do this
The Basics – Clustering
Really? PBN’s in 2018?
Risks of PBN
When Shit goes wrong.
White Hat + PBN
PBN Design
Choosing a Theme
The Blog Style
PBN Blog
PBN Business Style
The Crap PBN (real example)
PBN Configurations (Cool Shit)
Configuration #1
PBN Configuration #2
PBN Configuration #3