SEO Copywriting That Converts Like Crazy

SEO Copywriting That Converts Like Crazy

SEO Copywriting That Converts Like Crazy


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SEO Copywriting That Converts Like Crazy
ByCharles Floate
Note: This page is in English (UK), sorry my American copywriting friends, the contents inside the eBook still applies though!

Arguably the biggest part of becoming an SEO, blogger or marketing veteran in general, is having the ability to write compelling content that can make you money in almost any niche or industry imaginable. Whilst at the same time, knowing the ins and outs of the bots that crawl our creations so that we can further optimize these pieces to get the most visibility possible out of them.

The end goal of this product is to give you the trainable superpower to write content that can rank in search engines on its own accord without expensive marketing requirements and combine the power of language to convert users to buy products, affiliate links, services or subscriptions in almost any niche or industry.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn advanced copywriting skills, tune-up your writing abilities and improve your content based SEO then this is the product for you.

What’s Your Experience Anyway?
I’m now coming up to my 13th year working within the SEO industry, a decade writing and blogging experience and 7 years specifically writing blogs within the SEO and marketing communities. All of this has allowed my career to expand to where it is today.

When I first started writing in the English classes of old at school, I never particularly liked it. I much preferred maths, business studies, sports and drama which all allowed me to have much more realistic views of the world, not just jot them down on paper.

My own actual penmanship is ungodly, to say the least. Which didn’t much help my confidence when it came to writing for exams, or government papers or anything… It wasn’t until I discovered digital writing, and the ability I had to form my thoughts into perfectly written words, surrounded with wacky colours and environments that are just not thinkable on paper, or at least not within the timeframes a creation takes online.

So, to answer your question of who am I to be teaching you all this? I’m a British, half-crazed, digital marketing expert that finds himself spending his days writing considerably more than his technical prowess would think.

After all, I can’t speak any other language than English, but I can program in seven, I’ve built hundreds of websites, I’ve optimized the websites of hundreds of clients and in the process… From my writing abilities alone, I’ve earned hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not a cool milli by now.

What, Exactly, Does This eBook Teach?
How to further identify topics surrounding your core keyword to cover as many potential keywords & topics as possible (Giving you the most traffic potential) within your page (whilst staying relevant) on either existing or new pages
Which tools I utilize to speed up my copywriting process and put my SEO on steroids
How to optimize your contents OnPage and how Google understands topics via NLP, aka Natural Language Processing
Tips for improving copywriting to improve conversions using language emotion and persuasion techniques based on psychological studies and analysis
How to produce content that naturally acquires backlinks (The #1 way you’re going to get rankings & traffic at lightspeed)
Case studies of example posts, articles, infographics and pieces that have done well, why they’ve done well, how they’ve done well and the marketing lessons you can learn to implement into your own creation process
Table of Contents
I can’t give away everything inside the ToC, but you’ll be able to see the sort of things we cover!

Everything is covered.

Who Is This eBook For?
SEOs, Looking To Produce, Optimize or Re-Optimize Content
Bloggers, Looking To Step Up Their Game
PR Specialists, Looking To Get An Insight Into The Digital World
Beginner Marketers, Looking To Learn From Myself & Veteran Marketer Case Studies
Digital Product Creators, Looking To Improve Their Product Sales & Traffic
Picking up this skillset won’t exactly make a whole lot of sense to many people on a formal résumé, but it can open the doors to many different opportunities and in and of itself if you ever need extra cash can charge $50 – $150 per 1,000 words.

You can do the calculations on how much you’d earn per hour at your own content production rates. Though bear in mind those production rates should dramatically go up after getting an understanding of everything inside this eBook.

Still Need Some Convincing?
I’ve been doing SEO for nearly 13 years now, and even I think this is my best work yet… Giving away the exact techniques I’ve spent the better part of a decade picking up all so you can have them at your fingertips in a day.

And it’s not going to cost you a stupid amount, the lessons taught in this can earn you back the cost of this eBook in an hour.